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Crate training your cat

Carrier training your cat… Many cat owners express concerns about traveling with their cats, they are worried that it will be stressful for their kitty. However, cats are smart creatures that can be trained to go in a carrier. After all, don’t we find them climbing into any box or container available? Begin by purchasing… View Article

Moving with dogs

Whether you are moving your dog across town or to another country, professional dog shippers can make your move go smoothly. Ground transportation for your dog, flight scheduling on dog friendly airlines, import and export documentation preparation and every other step of the way is easier with a dog shipping expert by your side. Have… View Article

Tips for easier dog relocations:

We often write about planning for moves that include your pets. Most of the information out there has to do with rules and regulations that will allow your pet to travel safely around the world. Which countries have quarantines? What vaccinations are required? Where and when should the veterinarian health certificates be issued? What sized… View Article

Quick Q and A: flying with dogs

  Which countries have quarantines? Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, China (Excluding Hong Kong), Brunei and Guam. And don’t forget even though Hawaii is a state, not a country, it also has a quarantine for animals being imported. When traveling to Europe, do the same rules apply for every country? The health certificate is the… View Article