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At Airpets America we’ve been transporting pets and animals for almost 20 years. As a result, we have an entire team of experts who double as pet and animal lovers.  We’re here to ensure your pet or animal relocation is safe and secure as that is our #1 priority. Our team of professionals are trained in every aspect of your pet or animal’s transportation. Airpets America is a member of IPATA, the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association, as well as ATA, the Animal Transportation Association. These professional organizations provides us with a network of partners around the world. We subscribe and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Animal Welfare Act. We also voluntarily submit to USDA inspections to ensure our facilities are the best possible.

Why Us?

Airpets America are professional pet and animal transporters. We offer multiple levels of relocation services to fit your needs. We help by taking the stress, challenge and time involved out of your hands and off of your plate. This way you can focus on other life matters. Our pet and animal transport experts keep up with the unique industry and country  requirements and changes so you don’t have to.  Airpets America use only the safest airlines and most qualified handlers to move pets and animals safely from your old home to your new one. Call us today and see how we can help with your relocation!

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