Autumn Adventures With Your Furry Friends

Rural road in mysterious fog. Man with dog on the trip in autumn nature.
Fall is just around the corner, and with it is the opportunity for lots of fun autumn adventures with your furry friend! Need some ideas? Let’s take a look at some pet-friendly autumn activities! Go for a hike! The cooling weather and changing leaves make fall the perfect time to enjoy the scenery and get… View Article
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Great Grooming Secrets

Dog grooming of Pomeranian
Grooming is a part of caring for your furry friends. Even the lowest maintenance dogs and cats require regular brushing and nail trimming and occasional baths. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to have your fur kids neatly groomed! Get Some Grooming Supplies Before you can groom your pet, you need to buy… View Article
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Different Tricks for Your Pup

Golden retriever sitting
Are you wondering what else you can teach your furry friend to keep his mind sharp and impress your fellow humans? Check out some of these unusual tricks! Dance Teaching your dog to dance is ideal for smaller breeds—but healthy large dogs can learn this one as well! Just use this trick with caution if… View Article
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5 Tips For a Safe and Stress-Free Flight For French Bulldogs

Frenchie in life vest
There is no denying that French Bulldogs are extra lovable, cute and photogenic. It is well known that their face genetics impact their ability to breathe normally and regulate body temperature, making it a little more challenging for them to fly on an airplane. However, under the right conditions, your Frenchie can safely fly in… View Article

Keep Your Pet Calm and Carry On

French bulldog wearing sunglasses
Summer is around the corner, and it’s bringing fireworks and thunderstorms with it. Do you know what you need to do to keep your pet calm during this season of celebrations and scary noises? Check Your Calm Before the Storm During a summer storm, the first thing you can do to keep your furry friend… View Article
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Rainy Day Activities

Kid holding umbrella in rain
Dogs are often high-energy companions that require regular exercise and walks. But sometimes damp weather puts a damper on bringing your pup out for more than a potty break. Don’t let that stop you from having a fun and engaging time with your furry friend! Play with Toys Toys are a perfect way to keep… View Article
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Tips for Nail Trimming

trimming dogs toenail
Your pup may dread having his nails trimmed, but it’s an essential part of regular care needed to keep him happy and healthy. Why is it so important? Having long toenails is uncomfortable for humans, but carries more serious consequences for dogs. Excessively long nails will touch the hard surface of floors and result in… View Article
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Dog treats: 5 of our favorite recipes

Homemade dog treats
Dog treats: 5 of our favorite recipes There are so many reasons to bake dog treats for your pups. It is great to know exactly what’s in them, this ensures that every ingredient going in to the dog treats is fresh and accounted for. It can be loads of fun, just like making cookies for… View Article
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