Pet passport

Does your pet need a pet passport to travel? Pet passports are needed for travel within the European Union, though some other countries can issue a passport or require one for travel to their country. Most countries around the world will require some of the information included in the pet passport to allow a pet… View Article
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Pet Chiropractor

We’ve all heard about chiropractors helping out humans, but did you know there are chiropractors for pets? They are becoming a go to option for many pet parents who are looking for alternatives to medication and surgery, as well as part of a holistic approach to care for their pets. Together with your veterinarian, a… View Article
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Why Should I Hire a Pet Shipper For International Pet Travel?

Why Should I Hire a Pet Shipper For International Pet Travel?   When travelling overseas, it is vital to hire a professional pet shipper to avoid things like quarantine and excess expenses. All international destinations have strict guidelines surrounding the entry of pets.  In most cases, travel preparations including veterinary treatments or obtaining permits may… View Article

Shipping your dog? Here’s why you should hire a qualified, experienced Pet Shipper

  For Peter Harrold and his wife, Jan, Shanti is part of the family, which means when they fly, their adorable Goldendoodle does, too. But Shanti is too big for the cabin so she has to be checked. Typically airlines require carry-on pets and their carrier to fit under the seat in front of you,… View Article

Pet Shipping – Edie & The Fairmont in Pittsburgh

The Fairmont in Pittsburgh   Are you and your pet relocating to Pittsburgh? The Fairmont Hotel is pet friendly and home to Edie. Edie is a 5-year old Boxer/Labrador Retriever. In her position as Canine Ambassador, Edie accompanies guests on walks throughout the city, greets guests, visits meeting breaks upon request and attends community events. She… View Article
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Pet Travel Relaxation Techniques

  Our pet relocation specialists would like to share with you some dog travel relaxation techniques. Some of these simple steps can make your pet have a less stressful travel experience. Please consult your vet before you start your pet on any new regimen. If you have any questions about natural remedies and dosage contact… View Article
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More airlines are requiring IPATA pet shippers like Airpets America

Beginning March 1 next year, Delta passengers who are accustomed to checking their pets as “baggage,” will need to book them on Delta Cargo. Pets carried on Delta Cargo are closely monitored by customer service teams during travel and are kept in temperature-controlled holding areas while on the ground. International pet shipments must be handled… View Article