The Pet Travel Friendly Algonquin Hotel

The Algonquin Cat 

Talk about cat friendly travel! The Algonquin hotel in New York City has a resident cat, Matilda. There have been 3 Matildas and 7 Hamlets (for the male cats) in the Algonquin’s Cat history, all from shelters.

matilMatilda is famous and has friends around the world. This cat gets gifts from Russia and even handmade doll replicas of herself from Japan.

This cat friendly hotel includes a special “Matilda package” for guests with a personalized note from Matilda, a stuffed doll replica of the kitty and the book Fabulous Felines by Sandy Robbins.

She is very friendly and usually is up to meet guests throughout the day, though she will sometimes get grumpy if she decides they’ve taken too many pictures.

matildaSo if you and your cat are relocating and your travels take you to New York City, then stay or at least make a stop here. It’s worth it!

This story was written by Brent