Our Pet Relocation Services

We are dedicated to the care and welfare of your traveling pets. Whether it is a local move with dogs or an international move of any kind, no job is too big or too small for Airpets America. Our Pet Travel Specialists can move your pet to any location globally, and take care of every door-to-door detail to ensure your move is stress-free. Request a free estimate today!

Domestic and International Pet Shipping

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Our Pet Shipping Specialists can assist you with up-to-date requirements for your pet relocation to any destination country. We can coordinate every detail for your pet to move to any location globally, including:

  • Pet air travel booking
  • Dog ground transportation
  • Customized pet travel to fit your needs
  • Corporate pet relocation services
  • Military pet relocation services and discounts
  • Retirement pet relocation services
  • Short or long-term pet relocation services

Pet Ground Transportation

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Our grand transportation services are perfect for pets being shipped internationally, or pets that are far away from an International airport. Here’s why you can relax knowing your pets are safe with us:

  • We have a brand new fleet of secure, climate controlled vehicles for pets.
  • Your pet is comfortably and safely secured in his or her own travel crate.
  • Our pet transport bus can handle any size pet.
  • Our pet shipping drivers are TSA trained and certified, they are passionate about safety during your pet’s relocation.
  • Our pet travel experts are trained in both animal handling and animal behavior.

Pet Travel Departure Services

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Pet Travel Departure Services

  • Pet Boarding and Dog Exercise
  • Pet Pick up at Residence
  • Crate preparation for pets
  • Dog Crate training
  • Secure and Review Health and Pet Travel Documents
  • Cat and Dog Grooming

Pet Travel Destination Services

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Pet Travel Destination Services

  • Custom Clearance for pets
  • Pet relocation pick up from airport
  • Pet Boarding and dog exercise
  • Dog Quarantine arrangements
  • Cat & Dog Grooming
  • Veterinary services
  • Pet Transit permits
  • Pet Delivery to residence

Dog & Cat Crate Sales

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Cat & Dog Crate Services

Airpets America carries a full line of IATA compliant pet crates, including: 

Dog & Cat Veterinarian Services

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Dog & Cat Veterinarian Services

We can provide:

  • USDA Accredited Veterinarian
  • Pet health exams
  • Pet vaccinations
  • Medicine administration for dogs and cats
  • Cat & Dog Microchip implants
  • Tick & tapeworm treatments
  • Health certificates
  • Import permits
  • Bloodwork including titer and bell testing
  • USDA endorsements
  • Current on all European Union, Australian and other foreign country pet shipping regulations

We are experts in our field

Our Expertise

    • We are experienced in domestic pet transportation and international pet relocation.
    • Our primary expertise is making sure your pet is safe.
    • We maintain pet shipping accounts with the major airlines.
    • We are connected to a large global network of professional pet handlers to assist you and your pet’s transportation needs.
    • Our on-site Veterinarian and specially trained staff prepare and secure your pet for travel.
    • Our pet travel experts are available to answer any questions and help both you and your pet relax and enjoy the trip.

Our Pet Relocation Procedures

      • We choose the most direct flights for your pets on the safest carriers.
      • We comply with all Federal Regulations to prevent interruption or delay of your pet’s travel plans.
      • We Provide TSA security clearance prior to transporting your dog or any other pet.
      • We can supply or review all the required documentation for pet travel.
      • We provide complete “door-to-door” ground transportation services.
      • Full service boarding, grooming, training and exercise programs to prepare your pet for travel.